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There are three different networks accessible while on campus:

  • Roo-Secure is for UA students, faculty, and staff. If you have a myAkron account, this is the network you will connect to.
  • Roo-Guest is for guests visiting the university and for connecting media devices to the network. Note that UA resources such as myAkron or Brightspace are unavailable while connected to this network.
  • eduroam is for students, faculty, and staff who are visiting from other universities of the EDUroam network.

Connecting your iOS device to Roo-Secure

Note: You must have iOS 2.0 or later to connect to the network

1. Tap Settings.
IOS Wifi Setup Step1.jpeg
2. Select Wi-Fi.
IOS Wifi Setup Step2.jpeg
3. Make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on and then select Roo-Secure.
IOS Wifi Setup Step3.jpeg
4. It will prompt you to enter your UAnet ID and password. After doing so tap Join to connect to Roo-Secure.
IOS Wifi Setup Step4.jpeg
5. Trust the certificate.
IOS Wifi Setup Step5.jpeg
6. If you have successfully connected there should be a checkmark next to Roo-Secure and you should see the wireless signal icon in the top left corner.
IOS Wifi Setup Step6.PNG

NOTICE: If you have joined the "roo-guest" network before this setup and it keeps connecting to it, find the network under Settings > Wi-Fi, click on the arrow next to the network, and select "Forget This Network." This will drop the profile for "roo-guest" and use your new Roo-Secure one.

Connecting the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to your email

For Students

Please click here for instructions on setting up your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for use with the Google Apps Student E-Mail System.

For Faculty

NOTE: You must have the iPhone 2.0 software to connect to the exchange server

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Tap Add Account
  • Tap Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your username in the following format:
    • Domain: uanet
    • Username: your uanet id
    • Password: your password
  • Tap Next
  • If prompted for a Server, enter
  • Click Next
  • Click Save