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Notice.png Non-Broadcast Network
UAguest is a non-broadcast network. You must manually enter the connection information
Connection Settings
Security:Open without Authentication

Critical.jpg WARNING!
The uaguest wireless network does not use encryption! It is possible for someone using a wireless sniffer to see your network activity. It is highly recommended you use a VPN connection once connected to the uaguest network.
Alert.jpg ALERT!
The uaguest wireless network ONLY allows web traffic (Port 80 and 443)and VPN connections.

Connect to uaguest

Windows XP

Click on Start, Control Panel, then Network Connections Right click on the wireless card. Xuaguest1.jpg Click on the Wireless Networks tab. Click on the Add button Xuaguest.jpg Enter the Required network information Xuaguest3.jpg Click OK to all open network dialog boxes.

Windows Vista


Accept User agreement

When you attempt to visit a non-university website (something other than * and * you will be directed to a network EULA page. Once there, you will be required to accept the terms of use. You may also need to allow pop-ups in your browser.