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Security:Open without Authentication
NAC:dissovable agent
*Registration required
*Supported Windows Version 
(Windows 2000 or higher, Linux, OSX, etc)

Critical.jpg WARNING!
The uaguest wireless network does not use encryption! It is possible for someone using a wireless sniffer to see your network activity. It is highly recommended you use a VPN connection once connected to the uaguest network.
Alert.jpg ALERT!
The uaguest wireless network ONLY allows web traffic (Port 80 and 443)and VPN connections.

Connect to uaguest

To begin connecting to the uaguest wireless network, first open your available networks list.

Windows XP

Click on Start, Connect to, then right click on View Available Wireless Networks. Select uaguest

Windows Vista

Click on Start, then connect to. Select uaguest


Click on the wireless icon in the upper right of the screen. Select UAGuest.

Osx wireless.jpg

Register and Login=

When you attempt to visit a non-university website (something other than * and * you will be directed to the Cisco Clean Access login page.


You will need to first register in the Cisco Clean Access guest system. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click register, and enter an email address, a password, and your affiliation w/ the university. After submitting, you will be taken back to the login screen. The email address you submitted should be pre-configured, and you will need to enter your password.

Install the Activex / Java CCA client


If Clean Access detects you are using Windows you will need to install the browser plugin to scan your system. After successfully completing the scans, you will be permitted onto the guest network.

Student Access

SSID:gozips Security:WPA TKIP & WPA2 AES with PEAP support NAC:Persistant Agent

  1. Student Role
  2. All existing checks would apply (Student wired checks == wireless checks)
  3. Adding SP1 as a requirement for Vista
  4. University owned / UAnet Domain machines are not allowed in this role
  5. Will use Single Sign On

Staff Access

SSID:roonet & tsunami Security:WPA2 AES NAC:Persistent Agent

  1. Staff Role
  2. Checks based on EPOL rules
  3. Will use Single Sign On