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Guest Wireless Access
Student Wireless Access
Staff Wireless Access

Guest Wireless Access

SSID:uaguest Security:Open without Authentication NAC:dissovable agent

  • Registration required
  • Supported Windows Version

Student Wireless Access

SSID:gozips Security:WPA TKIP & WPA2 AES with PEAP support NAC:Persistant Agent

  1. Student Role
  2. All existing checks would apply (Student wired checks == wireless checks)
  3. Adding SP1 as a requirement for Vista
  4. University owned / UAnet Domain machines are not allowed in this role
  5. Will use Single Sign On

Staff Wireless Access

SSID:roonet & tsunami Security:WPA2 AES NAC:Persistent Agent

  1. Staff Role
  2. Checks based on EPOL rules
  3. Will use Single Sign On