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[[Joint Program Guest Student]]
[[Joint Program Guest Student]]
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Guest accounts do not have the same privileges as normal UAnetID accounts do. In particular, guest accounts have access to ONLY:

  1. Wireless Access
  2. Windows Logins (On Campus Computers)
  3. VPN Access

Guest accounts DO NOT have access to most services. Examples include:

  1. Exchange email accounts
  2. "My Akron Experience"

Guest Accounts can only be sponsored by faculty or staff members.


To request a Guest Account please have the sponsor visit: https://auth.uakron.edu.

  1. Login with your UAnet ID and Password.
  2. Go to the Admin Tab
  3. Choose the Manage Guest Accounts option
  4. Choose the Request new guest account option
  5. Fill in all fields with the guest's complete home address and home phone number. Do not fill in the EMPLID field (used only for incoming new faculty or staff. A request that does not contain all of the guest's personal data will be rejected.
  6. Submit request

Upon receiving the email or memo, designated SUPPORT CENTER staff will then create a guest account and note on the printed email, or memo the date created and the date the Faculty/Staff member is to become active in HR records. The paperwork is filed in either the Faculty/Staff Account file or the "True" Guest Account file by month and year. Upon the creation of a guest account the sponsor will be notified via email or telephone call that the user can contact the SUPPORT CENTER for the password. In special cases the ID and password will be hand delivered to the sponsor. The sponsor will be responsible for maintaining the renewal of the guest account. Once a year the sponsor will receive an email indicating that the guest account will expire in 10 days. At this point the sponsor will have to either renew the account or let it expire.

Special Situations

In special situations it may be necessary to create UA Windows login accounts for special groups , i.e. SA/GA accounts, Distance Learning users, Police Academy users, conference attendees, incoming high school student groups. In these situations, group UA windows login accounts will be created following the same request procedure indicated above but the sponsor may pick up or SUPPORT CENTER personnel will hand deliver to the sponsor the IDs and passwords. The sponsor is still required to provide picture ID for verification when the accounts are picked up or hand delivered. A ticket should be opened in Footprints for these conference accounts. The account names should follow an abbreviation of the conference name i.e. Science Olympiad conference suggested account name: olympiad01 and depending on how many accounts are needed the account name would be followed by a number ie 02,03,04 through the ending number of participants. This information as well as the dates of the event ( beginning date and ending date) must be in the description in the ticket.

Instructional Information

Designated SUPPORT CENTER personnel and a backup designee will be processing ALL guest accounts. Processing a Guest Account includes:

  1. Verifying that all the information on the request is filled in
  2. Establishing the account
  3. Notifying the sponsor that the user can stop in SUPPORT CENTER, present the necessary ID's and get the print out that has the ID, and password

Any department requesting a guest account is sent the above guidelines. This process has been discussed with the designee in HR, and the designee in LAN. Together they have established the above guidelines and notification process for creating Guest Accounts. If departments request UAnet accounts through HR, the HR designee will verify that all information is correct and then pass the request on to zs-staff@uakron.edu

Converting Established Guest or Faculty/Staff Accounts

Situations may require that a Guest Account that was established in the past may need to be updated or converted to a Faculty/Staff or Student Account.

To Convert From A Guest Account To A Faculty/Staff Account

  1. Support Analyst should request the following information from the user
    • UANet ID, department, phone, the EMPL ID, and date hired.
  2. Inform the user that after a confirmation of their start date with HR that their account will be updated within 24 hours.
  3. They will receive notification of the change via email from the FootPrints tracking system.
  4. Support Analyst will forward the above information to the SUPPORT CENTER primary Guest Account Processor or the backup designee.
  5. The Primary Processor will verify that the information is correct with the HR designee.
  6. When all information is confirmed the request will be converted to a Faculty/Staff account.
  7. When the Guest Account has been converted update the FootPrints ticket.


The above process for converting a Guest Account to a Faculty/Staff account should be followed when a request is received to convert a Student Account to a Student/Staff Account.

Staff/Student Accounts

To update a Staff or Student account to one that reflects their current status:

  1. Choose Display UAnet ID Information
  2. Enter the UAnet ID
  3. Choose the link to Check Student/Employment Status
  4. When the new window is displayed click on the option to change the to student&staff account

To Convert a Faculty/Staff or Student Account to Guest Account

At times a Faculty or Staff member who is leaving the University on good terms other than retiring may request to keep thier email account for an extended period of time. To provide this service the account must be converted to a Guest account. A request to extend the email account must be made by the supervisor or department chair of the user leaving the university in good standing. This person must accept the responsiblity of sponsorship for the user. The request should be entered into a ticket in FootPrints with the date that the conversion is to take place, the length of time the account is to be active if it is other than a year extention(in the form of a future date) and a forwarding email account if the mail is to be forwarded.

  1. Log in with your UANet ID
  2. Go to the Admin tab
  3. Choose the option to Change Staff/Student UANet ID to a Guest account
  4. Enter the UANet ID, then click submit
  5. Add the user's HOME ADDRESS and HOME PHONE NUMBER
  6. Add the sponsor's UANet ID
  7. Click submit
  8. Update the FootPrints ticket that the conversion is complete.
  9. IF the user has requested that the account have the email forwarded add the Exchange Team to the ticket and indicate where the email should be forwarded.

Special Note

At no time should the email address or phone number of the internal personnel, i.e. System Admin, manager, HR designee be given out to a user or requestor.
If a contact is requested, the SUPPORT CENTER can give the Primary Processor or backup designee’s phone number to the user/requestor.

Adding Guest Informtation

Add Guest Account information:
First Name: ______________________________________ *Required
Middle Name: ____________________________________
Last Name: ______________________________________ *Required

In the Street Address area:

Guests’ Address:
Street *Required
City/State/Zip Code *Required

Phone Number: Use the Guest’s personal phone number *Required

Selected Expiration Date:Month/Day/Year
Email System:

Student System (use this for non degree seeking student such as those in a joint program)
Exchange System (for incoming employees, contractor/vendor or test account where email is required or choose the forwarding option and provide the email address or choose none.)


  1. First and last name fields are mandatory. Middle names are not necessary but are suggested.
  2. A sponsor is mandatory. The sponsor is the mechanism that manages the guest account.
  3. The user home phone field is mandatory.
  4. The sponsor will provide an the date that the account is to be converted.
  5. Choose submit, the system will generate several user IDs. For standardization, choose the one that closely resembles the 1st initial, last initial and a 2 digit number.
  6. Generate the account.
  7. Provide the account ID to the sponsor
  8. Update the FootPrints ticket with the user ID and state that the user can contact the SUPPORT CENTER for the password.

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