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If you have already Opted into the new mail system please go to to log in.

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E-Mail forwarding from can be extended to August 1, 2010
No extensions will be granted after this date!!

Google Apps Student E-Mail System

The University of Akron is partnering with Google to provide a set of Google online services for UA students, with a single signon from the UA web site and a new lifetime email address. The Google Mail service (aka Gmail) is replacing the current student webmail system. Also included in the package are Google calendar, chat and document collaboration tools. The Google Apps services will be ad-free for current students.

Converting to the Google System

Currently it is an opt in system. After September 30, 2009 the accounts that do not opt in will be pushed to the Google System.

You can start the conversion process by clicking here.
Help with the conversion process can be found at Student Google E-Mail Opt In.
The process will move all of your contacts, read and unread emails, and emails marked for deletion.

Currently ONLY E-Mail and Contacts are automatically moved to the Google Apps Mail System.

If you have given out your old email address to friends, family and businesses your current email address will work until November 2nd.
There will be no way of retrieving your email from the address after September 30th, however it will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.

The password for your UANet ID will be the same for your account

Pilot Users

For Pilot Users click here for how to convert your account to the Google Apps account.

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These instructions are tailored to Google Apps at Akron
For the most up-to-date information please see Google Help

Common Navigation

A list of common navigation for the Google E-mail system can be found Here

Mail Forwarding

Instructions for mail forwarding can be found here, or at the E-Mail main page.

Setting Up an E-Mail Client

For instructions on setting up a third party client, such as Windows Mail, Outlook, Tunderbird etc. please click Google Apps E-Mail Client Setup

Creating an Alias

You are able to create up to 5 aliases or nicknames with some limitations. Please see Google E-Mail Nicknames for help on creating a nickname.

Converted Accounts

Accounts that have been converted from the Exchange Server to the Google Apps or from the Google Apps to the Exchange server please click here.


What if I forward my mail somewhere else?

You may continue to forward your mail to a different address but you will need to set that forwarding from the Gmail system. We will continue to provide a UAnet forwarding function until the the final cutover to the Gmail system on September 30. After that, all mail sent to your old address will be automatically forwarded (for a time) to your new address at Google and it will no longer be possible to use the UAnet system to set forwarding options. Before that happens you will need to login to the Gmail site and set your forwarding option there. You can do this at any time after your Gmail account is created. If you don’t set your forwarding, and you don’t check your mail, then you run the risk of missing important mail messages. Also note that as of November 2 the auto-forwarding feature for your old address will be turned off and mail sent to it will be bounced back to the sender.

I used to be a student. Can I get a Google Apps at Akron account?

At this time accounts will only be provided to currently active students.

Can I move my address book from the current webmail system?

Your address book will be moved along with your messages from the old UA webmail system..

Will Google have access to my password?

No. We are keeping your UAnet and Google Apps passwords in sync using a method that does not allow Google to know your password.

How do I change my passwords?

You can change your password at the UAnet account management web site.. We will synchronize your Google password with your UAnet ID password.

Why aren't the staff and faculty accounts being converted?

The decision to retain the in-house Exchange system for faculty and staff was based on a number of factors. Primarily, we decided that the risk created by giving up control of this critical communications system was more than we were willing to accept right now. There are too many concerns about privacy and security, especially regarding FERPA, intellectual property, and PII data. We are also concerned about records retention requirements for open records and e-discovery regulations. In addition, Google does not offer equivalent functionality to Exchange in terms of the tight integration among email, calendaring (including resources), and global address books.

We may revisit this issue at a future time.

More information can be found by reading the FAQ click here