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[[File:GoogleAppsLogo.jpg|300px|center]]<br><br> __NOTOC__
[[File:GoogleAppsLogo.jpg|300px|center]]<br><br> __NOTOC__
{{Greenbox|To access the Google Apps at Akron Email System visit http://mail.zips.uakron.edu|  }}
==E-Mail Client Setup Instructions==
==E-Mail Client Setup Instructions==
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<table style="text-align: left;" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="4">

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Greencheck.png To access the Google Apps at Akron Email System visit http://mail.zips.uakron.edu

E-Mail Client Setup Instructions

Apple Mail Palm Treo Windows Mail / Windows 7 Live Mail An E-Mail Client Not Listed Here
Blackberry Thunderbird Windows Mobile 5
Entourage Outlook 2007 Windows Mobile 6
iPhone Outlook 2003 Web Access  

Common Navigation

A list of common navigation for the Google E-mail system can be found Here

Forwarding Webmail Google Apps Student E-Mail

Mail forwarding is no longer set up using the ITS administration page, it will now be administered by the Google Apps Mail.
To set up mail forwarding

  1. Log into http://mail.zips.uakron.edu
  2. Click /Select Settings in the upper right corner
  3. Click/Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  4. Click/Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to email address and
  5. Enter the forwarding mail address into the email address field
    • You can select an action for managing the email on the Google Apps server
      ”keep The University of Akron Mail’s copy in the Inbox” is the default setting
  6. Click/Select Save Changes


More Information

More information can be found by reading the FAQ click here

Phishing Attempts

If you feel you have encountered a attempt or have responded to one please see Phishing.

If you have any problems accessing your University Webmail account, call the ZipSupport Center at 330-972-6888.