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Accounts with the issue will receive an email like this:

Hello Google Apps user,
Soon your Google Apps account will be converted and start working more like a full Google Account, giving you access to many more applications from Google. As a byproduct, this will require that an email address is only associated with one account with Google.
You currently have two accounts with Google with identical email addresses:

1. The first account is your email address that was assigned to you by your organization and is managed by your administrator. You may be using this account to access services available to your organization such as Gmail, Calendar, and Docs.
2. The second account is a conflicting Google Account that you created using your email address to access the rest of Google's services such as Blogger, Reader, or Picasa (which until now, were not been available from accounts managed by our organization).

Once your organization-managed account has been converted to work more like a full Google Account, Google will assign a new temporary name to your conflicting personal Google Account. You will continue to be able to access your personal Google Account after the account is renamed, and data in your personal Google Account is safe.

Step 1: Visit and sign in with your personal Google Account
Step 2: Click "Change email" under "Personal Settings"
Step 3: Enter a different email address where you can receive mail, enter your password, and click "Save email address"
Step 4: Check your other email address and click the link in the verification message from Google to confirm your change
If you don't have a different email address where you can receive mail, you can resolve the conflict by renaming your account to an address instead.

Some words of caution:

Once your account has transitioned, you will notice a few key changes that may be different than the behavior you are used to:

  • Google services you visit while using your organization-managed Google Apps account will automatically sign you in with this account. Be mindful of the data you're saving in your, which is subject to's terms and conditions.
  • The new services available from your organization-managed account will initially not contain any information. Existing account data from your personal Google Account can still be found in that account, which you can continue to access after you assign a new email address to it.

If you have any questions, please contact your administrator for more information.


Your Google Apps administrator

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