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The Support Center at The University of Akron is constantly working on ways to help the students. As such, the Support Center Wiki has been made. This Wiki is a work in progress. The Support Center staff is constantly add and updating the articles. Every article is categorized. You can see the category an article is in at the bottom of its page. To see more articles in that category, click on the category name. Searching through our articles is relatively easy. On the left side of the page you'll notice a search box. As you type, the search results are displayed to the right of the navigation. If you know the article name that you want to view, type it in the search box and click GO. If you aren't sure, let the AJAX search do its job, or click the Search button.

You might have better luck finding what you want by using the AJAX search

To ensure quality of information, only Support Center staff are allowed to edit pages. If you have a question or comment about a particular article, or find one that has been overlooked and seems outdated, please let us know. You can e-mail the wiki administrator