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What is the network key for [[tsunami|tsunami]]?
* Tsunami does not have a static network key.  Rather, you are required to authenticate with the network using LEAP.  For more information on this, check [[Wireless Setup|Wireless Setup]].
What is my [[UAnet ID|email address]]?
* <nowiki>Your email address is [your UAnet ID]@uakron.edu.  </nowiki>
How do I [[Printers|Pay for Print]] from my laptop?
* Please follow the link above to connect to our printers.
How do I get the [[UA Internet|Internet]] at home?
* The University of Akron offers several methods by which to connect to the Internet from home.  The first and fastest is our [[OBEN|OBEN]] service, which is cable internet through Time Warner.  Another option is our [[Dialup Setup|Dial-up Internet]] which is free for students, faculty and staff.

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