Forticlient VPN Setup

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What is a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses an existing internet connection to establish a direct link to the campus network. This can be useful for accessing resources that require a campus network connection.

The VPN that The University of Akron uses is FortiClient.

Download FortiClient

    - If you are using a University of Akron owned computer, FortiClient should already be installed and you do not need to download the client. If it is not, please contact the Help Desk.
    - If you are using a Mac OSX device and already have the FortiClient installed, attempting to install the client from the link above will result in a failure message "No updates found."  Ignore this message and use the FortiClient already installed on your computer.
    - The Installer can take a several minutes to install.  It is recommended that, if possible, you download, install, and test the FortiClient while on campus before you need it for remote access.

To download FortiClient please click the following link:

Windows Setup

(Forticlient is available with official support for Windows 7 or higher)

Please click here to visit the Windows VPN Setup page.

MacOS Setup

(Forticlient is available with official support for Mac OS v10.8 or higher.)

Please click here to visit the Mac VPN Setup page.

Linux Setup

Please click here to visit the Linux VPN Setup page.