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Notice.png Recover A Forgotten Password
You may begin the process of recovering your password by clicking this link


Recovering your password will allow you to obtain your password if you have forgotten it without having to contact the ZipSupport Center for a password reset. The system verifies your UAnetID, Student/Employee ID number, and your first and last name. Afterwards, you will be asked to answer several password challenge questions that you have previously set. If you are able to complete these steps, you can then recover your password.


Error: ID Does Not Exist

This generally means you have entered incorrect information. The following is a guideline of how everything should be entered:

UAnetID: First part of your UA email address. The same ID you login to "My Akron Experience" with.
Last Name: Your last name as it appears in the system
First Name: Your first name as it appears in the system
Student or Employee ID: ID number which can be located on the back of your Zip Card. For most this is a 4-7 digit number.

Error: Account is Blocked

This means either your Password Challenge Questions have not been set or there was an error loading them from the system. You have entered the correct information needed but will need to contact us to have your password reset and your challenge questions set.

Error: Your Answer is Incorrect. Your Account is Blocked.

This means you have answered a challenge question incorrectly. Keep in mind your answers are case sensitive so you may have the correct answer but not the correct case. The system will allow you try again after fifteen minutes. If you are unable to proceed, please contact us and we can issue you a new password.

It Keeps Saying Account is Blocked. I Did Not Enter Anything!

If you have previously attempted to utilize the password recovery feature, your browser may hold on to that information and continuously display this error message. Please utilize the reset browser instructions, close your browser, open a new one, and try again.