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FootPrints is a ticket tracking system that is utilized by the University of Akron Information Technology Department.

It tracks both opened and closed tickets and provides communication between departments. Students, staff and faculty can login and check up on the status of a ticket if one is not sent to their email address.

The link is

Requests can also be easily sent to, to submit an IT related service request.

Other uses of FootPrints

FootPrints is used by a number of departments and groups throughout the University. Most of these other uses are for internal tracking purposes and are not available for public viewing. Some of these other uses include:

  1. Laptop Checkouts
  2. Judicial Affairs
  3. Survey Response Tracking
  4. Associated Student Government
  5. Residence Life & Housing

Requesting Use of the FootPrints system

If you think you may have a need for your University sponsored organization or department, please contact with a summary of your request.
In general there are no charges associated with FootPrints development.