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This is how to reset current versions Firefox:

Chrome clear.png
  1. Either click on the orange Firefox button on the top left, or click on Tools in the menu bar
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on the Privacy tab
  4. Click on the Clear all current history option
  5. Set the time frame to Everything and choose the cookies, cache, & active logins checkboxes
  6. Click on clear now. Close Firefox, open it back and up and you're good to go.

Content.png Hitting CTRL+SHIFT+DEL will sometimes take you right to step 5, but it does not always work.


Firefox 3.5 and above for Mac

You can clear your Firefox cache, cookies, and history by:

  1. Pressing command+shift+delete at the same time.
  2. Here you can choose to delete cache, cookies, and history. Usually you will only need cache and cookies.