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EmpCenter is a web-based browser supported software program used to automate the processing and approval of hours worked and taken, and requests for and approval of planned absences. It also allows for online viewing of leave balances

All employees use EmpCenter.

Some important reminders:

  • Employees records are not viewable in the system by the supervisor or the employee until their official appointment date.i.e. IF an employee's start date in PeopleSoft is June 15, 2014 access to that employee's record will not be available until June 15, 2014 by the supervisor or the employee.

  • Records are controlled by information established in PeopleSoft, if an employee is not showing in EmpCenter check the PeopleSoft record.

  • Time off is recorded on a time sheet automatically once a time off request has been processed


Schedules that cross days, i.e. a Monday start time of 7pm and an end time of Tuesday 2am would have a + sign in front of the hour on the schedule.