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Accessing your Email

Webmail Access
Email Client Settings

I am over quota and cannot delete anything

Also see creating a Personal Folder
You cannot delete any messages because the system has to have space to copy it to in your Deleted Items folder before it deletes it. So the message has to exist in both your Inbox and Deleted Items folder at the same time.

Here is a possible solution:
Log into Webmail
Go to your Inbox
Click on: ‘Options’
‘Delete and Moving Messages’

Look at the option:

'When deleting messages, move them to your Trash folder instead of marking them as deleted'

The box in front of that line must NOT be checked. The default is for the box to include a check mark. To be able to delete messages once you are close to your quota or over quota, the box must not have a check mark in it.

Then click on 'Save Options'. Now go back to your Inbox and delete some messages. You will notice that the system just draws a line through the message now. The system no longer copies the message to your Deleted Items folder. So the message does not need to exist in both folders at the same time.

After you have marked several messages for deletion, then click on the 'Purge Deleted' link on the far right side of the window. You will use this instead of the Empty Trash icon that used to be on the top of the menu.

Let us know if this doesn't help.

Unsupported Email Clients

Please note that while you can connect to either the IMAP or Exchange servers from nearly an endless supply of email clients for operating systems including, but in no way limited to: Apple Iphones, Linux, OSX, Windows, Solaris... etc

The University of Akron ONLY supports Outlook and Outlook Express on the windows platform. As such, Although ZipSupport MAY be able to help you with your other programs or OSs, you will be on your own for diagnosing unsupported clients.

All University owned computers runnings Windows should use Outlook as their Email Client. Other clients may not be permitted to send outgoing mail messages on these computers.

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