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==Configuring Webmail Settings==
==Configuring Webmail Settings==
===Forwarding Webmail===
===Forwarding Webmail===
<b>1)</b> Go to [http://gozips.uakron.edu http://GOZIPS.UAKRON.EDU] ('''no www''')<br>
<b>1)</b> Go to [https://gozips.uakron.edu https://gozips.uakron.edu/] ('''no www''')<br>
<b>2)</b> Log in with your UANet ID and Password<br>
<b>2)</b> Log in with your UANet ID and Password<br>
<b>3)</b> Select the "Email" button<br>
<b>3)</b> Select the "Email" button<br>

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Email Client Instructions

Student Webmail Access Configuring Outlook 2003 Windows Mobile 5 Blackberry (Faculty / Staff only)
Exchange Web Access Configuring Outlook 2007 Windows Mobile 6 (Apple) Entourage
Outlook backup assistant Configuring Outlook Express Apple Iphone    
An email client not listed here Configuring Thunderbird Apple mail    

Unsupported Email Clients

Please note that while you can connect to either the IMAP or Exchange servers from nearly an endless supply of email clients for operating systems including, but in no way limited to: Apple Iphones, Linux, OSX, Windows, Solaris... etc

The University of Akron supports Outlook and Outlook Express ONLY on the windows platform. Although the Zip Support Center MAY be able to help you with your other programs, it is your responsiblity to diagnose any issue with an unsupported client.

All University owned computers runnings Windows should use Outlook as their Email Client. Other clients may not be permitted to send outgoing mail messages on these computers.

Configuring Webmail Settings

Forwarding Webmail

1) Go to https://gozips.uakron.edu/ (no www)
2) Log in with your UANet ID and Password
3) Select the "Email" button
4) Scroll down until you see the following section
5) Click on the "Forward Mail" button
6) Type in the desired email address to have your mail forwarded to
7) Click on "Forward My E-Mail"

Configuring Webmail Spam Settings

If you have any problem accessing your University Webmail account, call the ZipSupport Center at 330-972-6888.