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       <td>{{Navimg|xsize=48|ysize=48|image=UAP EXCH ICON 71.JPG|link=Outlook 2007}}
       <td>{{Navimg|xsize=48|ysize=48|image=UAP EXCH ICON 71.JPG|link=exchange clients}}
       <td>[[Exchange Clients|Faculty & Staff Exchange E-mail]]
       <td>[[Exchange Clients|Faculty & Staff Exchange E-mail]]

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Exclaim.png Attention!
The University of Akron will never e-mail you and ask you to disclose or verify your UA password.
If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link! Instead, report the e-mail for investigation.
If you have responded to a suspicious email contact ZipSupport immediately and read the phishing article for more information.

Email Client Instructions

Google Apps Student E-Mail System Faculty & Staff Exchange E-mail