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Zamzar is a free online based file conversion website that supports conversion to and from many popular document, image, music and compression file types.

  • .csv - Comma Separated Values
  • .doc - Microsoft Word Document
  • .docx - Microsoft Word 2007 Document
  • .odp - OpenDocument presentation
  • .odt - OpenDocument Text Document
  • .pdf - Portable Document Format
  • .ppt - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • .pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
  • .ps - Postscript document
  • .rtf - Rich Text Format
  • .wpd - Wordperfect Document
  • .wps - Microsoft Works Document
  • .xls - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • .xlsx - Microsoft Excel 2007 Spreadsheet

For a full listing of file types visit


Go to


Press the browse button and select the file you wish to convert, multiple files can be converted at the same time.


In the drop down box directly to the right of the browse button select the format you wish the document to be converted to (probably .doc).


Enter your email address that you want the converted file link to be sent to.


Press the Convert button.

Zamzar will then upload your file, convert it and send you a link to your converted file to your email address, usually within a few minutes (depending on file size).

Please note that Zamzar will only keep the converted file for you to download for 24 hours.