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DTCF is an application named after the four departments that use the application.

Financial Aid

Current Version

DTCF 2.1 - Is the current version. This version is compatible with PeopleSoft V9.


System Requirements:

(Note: Windows 7 may require a special Oracle client to be installed, not currently available through an SCCM push)


The DTCF 2.1 Installation package is available for installation.

  • It is preferred to have the Oracle Client installed to your computer before installing the DTCF application.
  • The installer for DTCF can be found \\fp3\DTCF\5-Data & Document Storage\Installation\DTCF2_install.exe
    • If you can't access this installer, you may not have the appropriate permissions necessary. Please contact ZipSupport to help with those issues.


  • You must be on campus and connected to the wired network (wireless may not work properly) for the DTCF application to operate properly.
  • Oracle Client does not need to be installed to run the DTCF installer. However in order to use the program properly the Oracle Client package must be installed.
  • There should be two Oracle DSN's listed under your system's ODBC settings
    • FSPROD - Financial Production
    • HEPROD - SAHR Production
  • The DTCF application will routinely reference itself as simply DTCF2, DTCF2.1 is mostly for internal representation.
  • Usage of DTCF2.1 should be no different than that of the original DTCF2. Any differences should be reported to DTCF Support for review.

Known Issues

Currently, there is an issue with Office 2007 and DTCF. Some forms within the application will not load properly because Offie 2007 will not allow the documents to load inline within the application.

This issue is being worked on and an update will be released when it is resolved.


If support is needed for this application please contact:
Matt Bungard