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Additional information can be found at [http://www.uakron.edu/training/CPSTraining.dot]. <br>
Additional information can be found at [http://www.uakron.edu/training/CPSTraining.dot]. <br>
Additional FAQs can be found at [http://video.uakron.edu:82/train/CP/FAQ/engage.html].
Additional FAQs can be found at [http://video.uakron.edu:82/train/CP/FAQ/engage.html].
[[Category: Online Services]][[Category:Curriculum Proposal System]]
[[Category: Online Service]][[Category:Curriculum Proposal System]]

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The Curriculum Proposal System is used by faculty to generate new courses in their area of expertise.

Getting Started

Logging In

  1. http://www.uakron.edu/curriculum-proposal
  2. Click Launch Curriculum Proposal System

Connecting from off campus

To connect the Curriculum Proposal System from off campus you will need an active VPN connection.

Browser Settings (IE specific)

Prompting for file downloads must be enabled for Internet Explorer to properly work with the Curriculum Proposal System, instructions are found at Internet Explorer Automatic Prompting for File Download.

Opening a Proposal

When opening a proposal it may be necessary to open it in read-only mode. This mode is used if the proposal is open by another user, if the proposal is in an Activity that you are not a member of, or you just want to look at the proposal.

Proper method for closing a proposal

In the top right corner of the proposal, there are four buttons.
If you are the Originator and you want to close a proposal when the proposal is in Originator review you have a few options available to you, as it depends on what you are trying to do. If you are finished with entry and want to move the proposal to the next step in the Workflow, use the Submit button.

If you want save your changes and come back to the proposal at a later time, use the Save/Close button. You will be prompted with a box, "Do you want to save your changes?" Answer Yes or No. If you opened a proposal by accident and you just want to close it, again you the Save/Close button and answer No.

If you are a Reviewer, and you open the proposal to review the data and want to then close the proposal, use the Save/Close button and then No. If you add a Comment or Objection to the Proposal, use the Save/Close button then Yes.

Changing a Proposal when it is being "Reviewed"

The only time a proposal can be modified (with exception of Comments, Objections, and CIP code_ is when the proposal is in Originator Review. Therefore, if a Reviewing Body is requesting any changes, the proposal needs to be sent back to the Originator using the Recommend Change Status. This can only be done by specified users. Once this is done, the proposal will then move though the workflow again.
Note:Is is recommended that a Comment be added if you want the Originator to make adjustments specifying the requested changes.

Additional Information

Additional information can be found at [1].
Additional FAQs can be found at [2].