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Fall Semester 2008

Note: The Hours below are for The University of Akron's MAIN CAMPUS. For Wayne Campus, Click Here

  Monday - Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Bierce 52c 8am – 10:00pm 8am - 9:00pm 10am - 4:00pm 1pm - 7:00pm
Polsky ZS (Zip Card Office) 8am – 5:00pm 8am - 5:00pm Closed Closed
Exchange 145 8am – 8:00pm 8am - 5:00pm 10am - 4:00pm 1pm - 7:00pm
Computer Center (call center) 8am – 6:00pm 8am - 5:00pm Closed Closed

NOTE: Phone support will still be available via Bierce Library 52C and Exchange 145 during off hours in the call center. You can still call in as long as one of the support centers is open.

Contact Us by Phone or Web

Voice-support.jpg Call us at (330)972-6888
Xfmail.jpg Send a support request email
Xfmail.jpg Send a support request online here