Configure Outlook Calendar Permissions for OfficeTracker

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Adding the "UC/SC Office Tracker" User to your Exchange permissions

(This assumes the user is using Outlook 2010)

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to "Calendar"
  • Right click on the word "Calendar" at the top of your calendar and choose "Calendar Permissions" under the share menu

Calendar permissions.png

  • On the Calendar Properties Screen, click "Add"
  • Search for "Tracker", you will find an account labeled "Tracker, Office UC". Select this account and click "Add". Finally Click "OK"

Adding the UCOfficeTracker user.PNG

  • Return to the "Calendar Properties" window, select "Editor" on the drop-down menu for "Permission Level".

Tracker permission level.PNG

  • Click "OK".

The OfficeTracker synchronization user now has permissions to create and modify events on your exchange calendar.