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University of Akron Client Systems Management & Software Deployment

Information Technology Services uses Systems Management Software to administer University owned distributed computer systems. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 is used for Windows (PC) client/server management. Absolute Manage is used for Apple Macintosh client management.

Systems Management features used:

  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • University Owned Software Distribution
  • Software Update/Patch Deployment
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware policy management and monitoring
  • Client/Server Reporting.

Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012

All University owned desktop and laptop PC Windows computers should have the SCCM client software installed. To verify SCCM 2012 is installed, go to the Windows Control Panel, a Configuration Manager Applet should be visible in the Control Panel. If the system does not have a Configuration Manager control panel applet please contact the Support Desk to have a ticket opened to get the issue resolved.

University Owned Software Distribution & Installation via SCCM 2012

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To install SCCM 2012 software deployments on a University owned Windows computer, Go to the Start Menu and open the Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 folder and launch Software Center. Click the Available Software Tab at the top of the Software Center window. Next, Click the checkbox next to the application you wish to install. Finally click Install to start the installation. This must be done from a campus wired/wireless network connection.

There are three categories of software managed by ITS and deployed via SCCM 2012

  1. Default Campus Deployments: Software in this category is advertised to all SCCM 2012 Faculty & Staff clients by Default and it available to install via SCCM 2012 Software Center
  2. University of Akron Software Request Form: Once the Request Form is completed and submitted a Footprints Ticket is opened for the software to deployed to the computer requested.
  3. The Computer Store purchased software: Software in this category require a requisition to be submitted to the University Computer Store. Once the software has been purchased the Computer Store will open a ticket to deploy the software.

Software Update Deployments

All Microsoft and Third Party Software Updates are deployed on the Monday after the second Tuesday of each month. These updates are mandatory the following Friday for all faculty, staff and lab client systems. Information concerning these updates is always published to the University Email Digest prior to release to campus.

Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage is the Software Deployment product being used by the University of Akron to push software to University owned Macintosh computers. It will also be used to Push Apple Software Updates to these users. All University owned desktop and laptop Apple Macintosh computers should have the Absolute Manage client software installed. To verify Absolute Manage is installed, open System Preferences and the Absolute Manage Preference Pane should be visible. If the system does not have a Absolute Manage preference pane, please contact the Support Desk to have a ticket opened to get the issue resolved.

University Owned Software Distribution & Installation via Absolute Manage

In order to install software pushed to the Macintosh simply go to System Preferences and click the Absolute Manage Preference Pane. In the Absolute Manage Preference Pane, click on Software Updates. The information in this window will show what software has been pushed to the Macintosh. The software in this list includes software that was automatically pushed to this machine along with the On-Demand Software that was installed.

On Demand Software

To see what On-Demand Software is advertised to the Macintosh click on the Show On-Demand Software button like below. The Absolute Manage Software Distribution window will display the Software that is advertised to the machine and can be installed by simply selecting the checkbox next to the software title and pressing ok to install the software.

University Owned Software

The University has purchased and licensed software which can be installed on both University owned and personally owned computers. For a listing of software that can be installed on University owned computers please visit the follow page University Owned Software

For a listing of software that is licensed for personally owned computer please sign into] and click on the Technology Support tab. Under the section called Software there is a link to "Home Use Software Downloads"