Cisco VPN Client (Configuring)

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Greencheck.png Cisco System VPN Client Software via Footprints
[Download for WINDOWS]

When you start the Cisco VPN client for the first time you may need to create the profile to connect to UA's network.

VPN main.gif

  • Click on the New button for a new profile.
  • Click on Group Authentication and use the group name: Zipnet and the password is zippy
  • Click on the transport tab. Click on Enable Transport Tunneling and click on IPSec over UDP (NAT/PAT) Then click on the save button.

VPN create new.gifVPN create new transport.gif

After saving the profile, highlight the profile and click on connect. In the authentication box enter your [UAnetID] and password.

VPN UAnet.gif

You will see the securing communication channel and the window will minimize once negotiation is complete. To disconnect just double-click on the lock icon in the tray and click on disconnect