Cisco VPN Client

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Note: Shortly, the files should be available for download from the University software download page.

When it is available, the wiki will be updated appropriately.

Using the Cisco VPN Client

After installing the Cisco VPN client, launch the client and you will see this screen: VPN main.gif

Click on the New button for a new profile. Click on Group Authentication and use the group name: Zipnet and the password is zippy

Now click on the transport tab. Click on Enable Transport Tunneling and click on IPSec over UDP (NAT/PAT) Then click on the save button.

VPN create new.gifVPN create new transport.gif

After saving the profile, highlight the profile and click on connect. In the authentication box enter University username and password.

VPN UAnet.gif

You will see the securing communication channel and the window will minimize once negotiation is complete. To disconnect just double-click on the lock icon in the tray and click on disconnect

If you need help in acquiring the client, please contact the ZipSupport Center @ 330/972-6888 or by Submitting a request via FootPrints for the software.