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Name: Central Stores

Phone: x8283




The Central Stores is the place where phased-out computers go. It is like a bone yard for old machines. Central Stores has a staff that tests all equipment that is no longer needed in circulation. They properly dispose damaged or destroyed electronics. Anything that still functions adequately goes up for sale to students, faculty, and staff. Even though the equipment and computers being sold at Central Storage are old, they can be useful purchases in a pinch.

Complete Systems

Complete systems range in the following specs:

  • Pentium 3 - 450s for 75 dollars
  • Pentium 3 - 500s for 100 dollars
    • All machines come with:
      • Monitor - 17 inch or 19 inch
      • PS2 Mouse Keyboard
      • Hard Drives at least 8 GB large
      • Memory at least 128 MB
      • Operating System - Win98
      • Software
        • Adobe Reader
        • Open Office 2.0
        • Speakers are free with complete purchase but only as available.
  • Silicon Graphics Machine with Flat Pannel Digital Display. Dual 500 mHz processors. Model 320 with 1600SW monitors - 400 dollars

Individual Parts for Sale

  • Subwoofers - 10 dollars
  • HP Laser Jet 5l and 6l - for 15 dollars
  • UPS battery systems that need new batteries - 10 dollars
  • Monitors:
    • 14 and 15 inch monitors - 10 dollars
    • 17 inch monitors - 35 dollars
    • 19 inch monitors - 60 dollars
    • Half Price if off brand or missing stand

Payments Accepted

Check or Money orders, prices do not include tax.

Call extension 8283 for any questions.