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== Nolij Troubleshooting ==
== Nolij Troubleshooting ==
A number of common items are documented on our [[Nolij_Troubleshooting]] page.  
A number of common items are documented on our [[Nolij_Troubleshooting|Nolij Troubleshooting]] page.  
[[Category:Desktop Applications]]
[[Category:Desktop Applications]]

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In 2005, the University of Akron purchased a Site License for a document imaging software product from Nolij Corporation called Nolij Web.

In February 2011, Nolij was upgrade to NolijWeb 6.3.3. This new version can be accessed at the URL : https://imaging.uakron.edu

Current Functionality

Nolij Web’s standard functionality includes imaging, annotation, document management, workflow, as well as, other functions designed to meet the needs of a higher education client.

Network Requirements

Nolij is currently only available to users connected via an ethernet cable to campus network or through the wireless by means of a Nolij specific VPN connection.

User's who need this VPN connection can contact the ZipSupport Center to have the Nolij VPN pushed to their campus machine.

Requests for Nolij

Nolij is currently available by accessing https://imaging.uakron.edu. Although Java is required to be on the user's machine, no additional software should be required.

Other Documentation

Many Nolij oriented documentation and items can be found on the Document Imaging Sharepoint site ( which can be found at https://sharepoint.uanet.edu/DocumentImaging/

Note: You must have access to the Sharepoint site in order access any of the information found within.

Self Help Guides

The ITS Training Team has developed a series of documents to help with the use of Nolij

These documents can be found here

Below we have posted some common issues that may arise with Nolij

Nolij Troubleshooting

A number of common items are documented on our Nolij Troubleshooting page.

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