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Setting up On-Campus Cable

When setting up on-campus cable within student living spaces perform the following steps:

1) Connect a coaxial cable from the TV wall outlet to the input port on the back of your TV.

2) Connect the TV power cord to the wall electrical outlet and turn on the TV.

3) Using your TV remote, select Menu and then select and run the Auto-Setup feature.

Content.png Please note:
At this point your TV is now ready to RECIEVE the cable signal.

4) Next you now need to scan and store your channels. This process stores the channels into your television’s memory, and deletes from memory any unused or inactive channels. In general there is an option listed as AUTO PROGRAM

Content.png Please note:
AUTO PROGRAM is usually a menu selection on the same menu where you selected CABLE. There may be a button on your remote which says AUTO PROGRAM, CHANNEL SCAN, AUTO SCAN, or something similar.

5) Once you have selected or pressed AUTO PROGRAM, your screen may go blank or turn blue, then will begin cycling through all of the cable channels. DO NOT interrupt the scan (otherwise you may have to scan all over again).

Content.png Please note:
After the auto program is complete, you should be able to flip through all of the channels with your CHANNEL UP and CHANNEL DOWN buttons.