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Resetting the browser

Resetting the web-browser can usually solve most of the issues that users have with accessing various online material. If you are one of these users, please select the correct link that corresponds with your web browser, if you are unsure of what web browser you have click the check browser version link.

IE7 - IE11 Safari Opera
Firefox Google Chrome    

Supported Browsers

These are the browsers supported by the University of Akron. The suggested browser for each Operating System is in bold. While these are not the ONLY browsers that will work with UA systems, these are the only ones we are able to help you with.

  1. Windows Vista/7/8
    1. Internet Explorer 9-11
    2. Firefox
    3. Chrome
  2. Mac OSX
    1. Safari
    2. Firefox
  3. iOS (iPad ONLY)
    1. Safari
  4. Linux
    1. Firefox

Allowing secured sites in IE(all versions)

1. Open the Start menu and click on Control Panel.
Click on Internet Options
Control panel ioptions.png
2. Click the Privacy tab and then click on the Sites button
Privacy ieoptions.png
3. Enter and, clicking Allow after you type each one in
Privacy actions.png

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