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What are Botnet Viruses?

Occasionally the University of Akron's network gets corrupted with malicious viruses. Botnet viruses are particularly harmful. They attack machines by turning them into servers. Once a computer is captured by a botnet virus, the machine sends out a burdensome amount of network traffic. Once all this traffic is loading the network down, every other machine connected to the network experiences slower Internet access and general network usage too.

The University of Akron's response to the Botnet pandemic

The University of Akron prides itself on maintaining a clean, fast, and safe network so as to let all students have speedy Internet access. When the network is plagued with a botnet machine the university shuts off network access to that machine. They also send a form letter email to inform the user as to why they no longer have an Internet connection.

"The Botnet Email"

Why is my internet connection shut off?

The network administrators have detected the presence of a “botnet zombie” virus on a computer in this room:

Computer Name:

The computer name may or may not reflect the owner of the computer.

What is a “botnet zombie?”

The short answer is that a virus makes your computer a “zombie” on a bot-network of computers. To be more precise, there is now software on your machine that allows someone else to control its network traffic. This can be used for several nefarious purposes including hacking attempts, key-logging (to steal information that you type), and identity theft. Your port has been shut down to protect you from these criminal acts and to protect other students’ computers from infection.

What do I do now?

Unlike traditional viruses, botnets actually update themselves over the internet to avoid detection and removal. Currently, there are no tools that have a solid record of finding or deleting these viruses. The quickest way for you to get back online is to follow these steps:

  1. Backup all personal data on your computer like homework and media.
  2. Locate the copy of Windows you wish to have installed on your computer
  3. Come to Student Computer Support Services with your computer (just the tower for desktops, laptops will also need the power adaptor). SCSS is open between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM on weekdays and is located in room 103 of the Lincoln Building
  4. SCSS will format the computer, the only guaranteed way to get rid of the virus, and reinstall any legitimate software you bring to us. SCSS will also install the latest copy of McAfee antivirus and update Windows to give you a better chance at avoiding another infection.

If you have any questions, please call (330) 972-5450 during the hours listed above. Laptop users may also visit Laptop Services in room 52c of Bierce Library after 4 PM on weekdays for information.