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This page lists out the software available to current Students, Faculty, and Staff of The University of Akron.

Eligibility for the select licensing agreements

You are not eligible if you are:

  • A student admitted or enrolled who have not paid their fees.
  • Anyone enrolled exclusively in non-credit courses.
  • An Alumni
  • A Visitor
  • A Retired, Volunteer or Faculty and Staff no longer employed by the university.
  • An individual not directly employed by the university.
  • A third party contractor or employee who has been hired for services on or off campus.

Student / Home Use

The software listed below is available to Students, Staff and Faculty through The University of Akron. Some of the software is available through the OnTheHub service. A guide from downloading software from there can be found here. Other software can be accessed directly through the software provider.


The following software can be downloaded from the OnTheHub service:

Note: For a guide to download the software listed below, please click here.


  • Impatica for PowerPoint 4 for Windows and Mac


  • JMP® Pro 14.2 for Windows

Kurzweil 3000

  • Kurzweil 3000 for Windows and Mac


  • Microsoft Office 365
    • Free access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and more as long as you are currently a Student, Faculty, or Staff.
  • Windows 10 Education - $60
  • Windows 8.1 Professional - $60
  • Office Home & Business 2019 (Student Option) - $60
    • Compatible only with Windows 10 and MacOS
  • Office Professional Plus 2019 (PC Only) - $60
    • Compatible only with Windows 10
  • Office Professional Plus 2016 (PC Only) - $60
  • Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac - $60


  • Minitab 19 for Windows 32-bit/64-bit and Mac


  • StudyMate Author


  • SAS 9.4 Workstation/Server for Windows 32-bit/64-bit and Linux 64-bit


  • SolidWorks Education Edition

Other Software

  • There may also be additional pieces of software available to students, so make sure to check the Software Downloads page. If you're not sure where the Software Downloads page is located, you can follow the first part of the tutorial that can be found by clicking here to get there.

Directly From Provider

The following software can be downloaded directly from the software provider:


  • ChemDraw v17.0


  • MATLAB® R2019b

Departmental, Staff & Faculty

Faculty and Staff have access to many of the same sources as students, but also more. Additional software can be obtained through software request or directly from the companies that provide it.

Software Request

The following software is available through software request:

AutoDesk 2017

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 (PC)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 (PC)
  • Autodesk Inventor 2017 (PC)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 (PC)
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2017 (PC)
  • Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2017 (PC)

AutoDesk 2018

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk Map 3D 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk ReCap 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk Moldflow 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2018 (PC)
  • Autodesk Revit 2018 (PC)


  • SolidWorks 2017 (PC)
  • SolidWorks 2016 (PC)


  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.6
  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.5

Mathworks MatLab

  • Mathwork MatLab R2017a (PC or Mac)
  • Mathwork MatLab R2017b (PC or Mac)


  • Respondus (PC)


  • SPSS 24.0 Academic/Research License (PC or MAC)
  • SPSS 23.0 Academic/Research Licence (PC or MAC)
  • SPSS 24.0 UA Business License (PC or Mac)
  • SPSS 23.0 UA Business License (PC or Mac)
  • SPSS AMOS 24.0 Academic/Research License (PC)
  • SPSS AMOS 23.0 Academic/Research License (PC)
  • SPSS AMOS 24.0 UA Business License (PC)
  • SPSS AMOS 23.0 UA Business License (PC)

University of Akron ZipReports/Hyperion

  • ZipReports Client 11.x (PC)

Directly From Provider

Other software is available directly through the companies that provide it. A list of these is below:"


A guide for downloading Adobe software can be found by clicking here.