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Content.png Every phone is a little different, mostly depending on the manufacturer. These instructions are a generalized setup

These instructions were done on an Android tablet running stock Android, so your menus might not look the same. Samsung phones are most notable for making a lot of changes to stock Android, so their menus may look very different, though the same general steps will still apply.

  1. Open your Settings and go to 'Accounts'
  2. Choose 'Add an account' and pick 'Exchange'
  3. Fill in your UA E-Mail Address
  4. This step is where many phones may differ, so please read it THOROUGHLY.
    1. Use your full e-mail address as your username
    2. If you have an option for domain\username fill in your full e-mail again
    3. If domain and username are separate, leave domain blank and user your full e-mail for username
    4. Not every device will even ask for a domain, don't worry if it's not there
  5. Fill in the server as
  6. Check any boxes asking if you want to use SSL. Also allow all client certificates.
  7. When a window pops up asking you if you want to allow our server to control some aspects of your devices, click 'Allow'

Android settings account.pngAndroid add exchange.pngAndroid incoming settings.pngAndroid security exchange.png