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Content.png Every phone is a little different, mostly depending on the manufacturer. These instructions are a generalized setup
  1. Begin at the Home Screen
  2. Open up your App drawer and go to Settings or click the menu button on your phone and go to settings
  3. Touch Accounts & sync
  4. Touch Add Account
  5. Touch Corporate
  6. Enter the email address and password
  7. Touch Next
  8. Enter for the Domain\Username uanet\uanetid.
    • Replace uanetid with your own uanetid
    • This may be split up into 2 separate input fields in which case the domain is uanet and username is your uanetid
  9. The password should already be entered, if not please enter it.
  10. Enter for the server
  11. Both boxes for SSL certificates should be checked.
  12. Touch Next

The next screen is optional. Select to send email from this account by default if you wish to have email sent from this account automatically.
You can also insert a signature of your choosing.

Once complete touch Done