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Notice.png Licensing Agreement
Under the current licensing agreement with Adobe, only current Faculty and Staff at The University of Akron have access to Adobe's software.

Note: For information about accessing Adobe Creative Cloud from home, please click here.

Downloading Adobe Software (Staff & Faculty)

  1. First, go to and click Sign In in the upper right hand corner.
  2.   Adobe1.png
  3. Next, you will need to sign in with your University of Akron email address and click continue.
  4.   Adobe2.png
  5. Now you will be asked to select an account. Choose Company or School Account.
  6.   Adobe3.png
  7. Sign in with your University of Akron email and password and click login.
  8.   Adobe4.png
  9. You will now be logged in to Adobe. Click on the Open button under the Your Services section.
  10.   Adobe5.png
  11. You will see the most popular pieces of Adobe software on this page. To get to the complete list, click All your apps.
  12.   Adobe6.png
  13. You have now reached the the spot where you can download the Adobe software that you have access to.
  14.   Adobe7.png 

Note: If you have any issues throughout this process, please call the Help Desk at 330-972-6888.

Creative Cloud Asset Migration

The school year is almost over and your soon-to-be graduates are getting ready to move on to their next phase. They’ll want to take their Adobe Creative Cloud assets with them so they can access their creative work and web portfolios — and showcase their work to future employers.

Join Our Student Asset Migration Webinar

You’re invited to our free webinar to find out how your students can migrate assets from their school-assigned accounts to new Creative Cloud free membership accounts.

Register now

Webinar Topics

We’ll go over the following requirements for student participation:

  • They must still have access to their school-assigned accounts.
  • The migration tool must be enabled in the Admin Console.
  • You must notify students to migrate their assets and provide them with the following link: [1]

Webinar Details

Tuesday, April 21
11am PT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Wednesday, April 22
8am PT | 10am CT | 11am ET
Duration: 60 minutes