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A step by step guide to wireless setups for windows XP

Step 1

The first step to setting up wireless networking connection on the University of Akron campus is to decide which type of wireless card you are dealing with. It is true that some laptop companies generally ship with standard types of network cards, however it is better to be thorough the first time rather than guess. So, first we will discover the type of card we are dealing with.
  • On the desktop or in the start menu, locate My Computer.
  • Right click on My Computer and a pop up menu will appear, now left click on "properties." A box very similar to this one should appear.

My Computer.PNG

  • Now click on the "Hardware" Tab.

My Computer Properties.PNG

  • Your "Hardware" tab should look similar to this one. If your computer is out of date your tab will look slightly different. Nonetheless, there is a "Device Manager" button, left click this now.

Device Manager.PNG

  • When Device Manager opens, it might take a few seconds to load, depending on the speed of your computer. Device Manager is a list of all the internal components to your computer. It should look similar but not necessarily identical to this one as different computers may have different devices installed.
  • Now, click on the + next to the "Network adapters" to display all attached networking devices, including wireless cards.

Wireless Card Device.PNG

  • Your device manager will look similar to this one, however your specific wireless card will be shown in the drop down menu. This particular machine is using a "Cisco Systems 350 Series PCMCIA Wireless LAN Adapter."

Step 2