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When a family member or military person is requesting a password reset by phone or by email, please follow these instructions:

Put comments concerning the password in the "Full Issue Description" such as password has expired, etc.

Assign ticket to Military Service CTR<p> When you get a response back that "This student is a service person and you can proceed with the service person protocol." Reset Password, once password is reset... Sign in to and change the password to the serviceman's MONTH of birth and LAST 4 DIGITS of social security number. (example: june2856)

6) Send an email to the alternate email - NOT the university email directly to the service person that their password has been changed to their month of birth and last 4 of soc and that they can log into and change their password to what they want it to be. Send a carbon copy to Holly Mothes and to Jodi Faloba. </p> NOTE: You may possibly have to create challenge questions for them. AUTH will not allow you to reset password if they have not created challenge questions. AUTH will not allow you to answer all the questions the same. Please let servicemen know the answers are to the challenge question in the email.

5) Respond to Footprints ticket that password has been reset and email sent and close.