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UA Mobile App

What is UA Mobile?

UA Mobile is the University of Akron’s application powered by Boopsie Inc. for mobile devices. With UA Mobile you can get essential news and information anywhere, anytime. The app includes a course catalog, campus maps, library services, Roo Express shuttle routes/maps, a faculty/staff directory, the calendar and news.

What is Boopsie Incorporated?

Boopsie gives organization a fast and easy way to mobilize their business at an affordable price. Boopsie for universities is an application designed for university faculty, students, administrators and librarians. It provides access to information such as: campus maps, people directories, course information, and library catalogs using mobile devices.

What operating systems support the UA Mobile Application?

The UA Mobile application can be downloaded on the following operating systems:

  • Apple’s iOS
  • Google’s Android
  • RIM’s BlackberryOS
  • Nokia’s Symbian
  • PalmOS
  • Java compatible phones

How do I download UA Mobile to my mobile device?

  • The application can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
  • It can be downloaded via the Android Market for all Android devices.
  • For all other mobile devices, visit on your device’s internet browser to download the UA Mobile application.

Why does the application say that a specific campus location is far away when I’m inside/near it?

If you are connected to the internet on your device via your carrier’s data (EDGE, 3G, 4G), the campus locations will not be accurate because the device’s location is determined by the cell towers. The location will be accurate if you connect your device to the wireless network. You can connect your device to “rootown” or “UARH” on campus for accurate campus locations.

How often is the UA Mobile information updated?

The news and information is updated automatically every six hours and the course catalog is updated twice a day.

Can I schedule for classes via the application?

No. You can only look up classes for the current and upcoming semesters, but you cannot add/remove or view your schedule from the application. To schedule for classes go to "My Akron Experience".

What should I do if I cannot log into my library account on the application?

If you are not able to log into your library account on the application, try logging into "My Akron Experience" on a computer. If you are able to log into "My Akron Experience", try logging into the library account on the application again. Contact the ZipSupport Center if you are still not able to log in.

Can I leave feedback for the application?

Yes. There is a feedback section on the application. We would appreciate positive and/or negative feedback for the application. The feedback goes directly to the UA Mobile Team.

Who do I contact if I have any questions and/or concerns about the application?

You can contact the ZipSupport Center for additional support.

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