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Unable to Download Class Roster

Follow these instructions to download a class roster if the machine is not popping up the link to download normally:

To Email a class from within the Faculty Center

  • Open "My Akron Experience", the Faculty Center


  • Click on the "My Page" or "Instructor Tab" – either one should have the necessary link. Scroll down to the “Educator Services” box.


  • In the “Educator Services” box, select “Class Roster”.


  • Select the semester you want. Semesters appear in descending order beginning with the most current semester. Note: If you’re not teaching in the current semester, the current semester may not appear in your list.


  • In the selected semester, a list of your courses appears. Select the course you want to email.


  • When you select the course, a class roster appears. You can email a student individually or the entire class. To email a student individually, select their email along the right side.


  • To email the entire class, at the bottom of the class roster is a selection to “Email Class”. Click the “Outlook Email” link.

Note, Outlook is the only option for emailing. There used to be a choice for “Other”, but that was removed. If you don’t want to use Outlook, you can open the email here, then copy‐and‐paste the list of email address into your own email service: yahoo, gmail, etc. Spbemail7.JPG

  • The “Generate Email” screen appears. Click on the “Generate Email” link.


  • The security warning appears. Select “Yes”.


  • An Outlook email opens. Write your email and click “Send”. You can then exit the Faculty Center.