The Computer Center

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SCSS / Computer Repair Services

Location:The Computer Center located at 185 Carroll Street
Who: Student Computer Support Services and Micro Zone Technicians (UA Machines Only)
Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

The Computer Center is the new home of SCSS which was formerly found in Lincoln 103. The Computer Center is available for all issues which cannot be handled at a ZipSupport Center. These include personal desktops and laptops for all students, faculty, and staff. Also, University owned laptops and desktops that cannot be serviced by a ZipSupport Center can also utilize the Micro Zone Technician Walk-in services. On personal machines, some issues that need to go here include hardware issues, reformats, all desktop issues, and advanced software diagnostics. On University owned machines, some reasons to come here include reimaging, all desktop issues, advanced software and hardware diagnostics, and issues that need administrator rights to proceed.