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Slingbox is a device which connects to your home TV/Cable/Satellite service and allows you to view it over the internet on another device (computer, PDA, etc.) The University of Akron does not allow traffic on port 5001 (slingbox's port); because of this, normal port forwarding on your router will not work for the Slingbox. For this to work you will need the following

  • A SSH client (openssh for Linux, PuTTY or cygwin with openssh for windows)
  • A router forwarding port 22 to an SSH server
  • A machine with an SSH server. This machine should be on the same network as the Slingbox
  • A Slingbox
Note: Installing an ssh server and setting up cygwin is beyond the scope of this HOWTO.

Verify that your slingplayer works on your home network.


For the openssh option issue the following command

user@localhost$ ssh -L 5001:slingboxIP:5001 user@sshserver

Replace "slingboxIP" with the IP of your slingbox within your network (ie. and "sshserver" with the IP address of your router (i.e.


To tunnel using PuTTY, in the connection dialog box go to Connection->SSH->Tunnels and at the bottom for the source port is the same as above and the destination should be: "slingboxIP:5001. Also below that make sure local is selected. Then click the add button. Don't close the PuTTY window or your connection will also close.[1]


Tell your slingplayer to connect to "localhost" or "".

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  1. MythTV SSH Tunneling Link