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The purpose of a security exemption request is not to remove security programs that may not be liked by the user but conflict with other vital programs that are used.
Examples include lab equipment that interfaces with the computer, testing equipment that interfaces with the computer, and control equipment that interfaces with the computer.

The process for having a security request granted is:

  1. Submit a request for the exemption with a valid reason
    • If a reason is not entered in the initial ticket, the reason will need to be added
  2. The request then goes to security team for review
  3. Once the request is granted the DTS team will honor the request and add/remove software

Submitting a request


To begin the process to have the security software removed from the machine

  1. Log into and select ‘Submit Request’
  2. In the Submit a new Request window fill in the red* fields
  3. Change the Request Type field to Security
    • A pop-up window will appear, you may have to enable pop-up for to allow this
  4. Enter your Supervisors name, Supervisors UANet ID (the beginning of their email address with the University, and an Exemption Start Date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
  5. In the “Exemption Justification” box enter a valid reason for removing the security software from the computer
  6. Enter a computer name, for help finding the computer name click here
  7. At the bottom of the pop-up window click/ select SAVE
    • This will navigate you back to the ticket window
  8. Enter a description, a common example is “Remove security from computer”
  9. Click SAVE at the bottom or top of the page

The request has now been saved, the next step is to review it and approve it

Notice.png Note:
If you have not entered a valid reason for the Security Exemption you will not be able to proceed!!
Your request will look like a normal ticket and not have the option for approval

Adding a justification to a previously submitted ticket

  1. Log into the Footprints system
  2. Locate the ticket in the project home window
  3. Click/Select the ticket
  4. Click/Select Edit
  5. Under the “Ticket Information” heading, Click/Select Edit Dependent Fields
    • Once a valid justification has been entered, Click/Select SAVE
  6. At the main ticket editing window, Click/Select Save
  7. This should now return you to the Project Home window
  8. Click/Select the ticket again, and approve the request to move it to the next tier