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RKill is a program developed at BleepingComputer.com that was originally designed for the use in our malware removal guides. It was created so that we could have an easy to use tool that kills known processes that stop the use of our normal anti-malware applications.

Content.png Please Note
The following instructions are to be used alongside instructions from our Malware page. This is not a tool to remove malware but rather kill malware processes preventing you from running anti-malware programs.

Download and Installation

The link to download Rkill software can be found here

  1. Save the program file.
  2. Open the program file by double clicking on its icon.
  3. You may be prompted with a Security Warning, Click Run or Yes.
  4. The program should now be ready to use.

Instructions for Use

  1. Open the Software. This can be done by either finding the program in your list of all programs or clicking the icon on your desktop if one was created.
  2. The software will open a black box and begin to check the processes running on your computer.
  3. The software will then identify processes associated with malware and end the process.
  4. This will allow you to install and run programs to remove potential threats.
  5. See our Malware page for further instructions on removing malware.