Phishing: Exchange Mail Settings

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Exchange Mail Settings

In the event that your account is compromised and locked. You will need to review the settings of the account with the help of a support technician. Information in the settings can be changed by a hacker to annoy, misdirect email, or destroy incoming emails.

Settings to Review

  • Message Options

In message options you configure the options for the E-Mail Signature. The E-Mail Signature can be changed by hackers to advertise or display a message of their choosing. By default in the University's Exchange system, the E-Mail Signature is blank.

  • Out of Office Assistant

The Out of Office Assistant sends an auto-reply to senders while this feature is enabled. You will want to check the message and the status of this tool.

  • Rules

Rules are applied to incoming email messages and how they are handled. A hacker may use this tool to immediately reroute or delete all incoming mail. The Rules should be closely reviewed.

  • Junk E-Mail

As with Rules this is a filter that is applied to all incoming e-mail. The Safe Sender list should be reviewed.

  • Deleted Items

When a hacker takes over your account they may move your email to the Deleted Items folder. The Deleted Items settings should be review. The check box for "Empty the Deleted Items folder on logoff", should be unchecked.