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What are Outlook Data Files?

Outlook Data Files can be beneficial for users that have a large amount of email or messages that are large in size and their email box has a limited amount of space. Data files allow you to save emails on your hard drive and open them through Outlook much like your normal email. Because of this, you can save more than a fair share of emails and then delete them from your normal email box, thus, eliminating the quota limitation you experienced before. Also keep in mind, Microsoft likes to refer to data files as Personal Storage Table (PST) files as well. Outlook Data Files and PST files can be used interchangeably in this article.

How to Create a Data File in Outlook 2007

1. Go to the File Menu and find the New Category.
2. Scroll down until you find Outlook Data File.
3. It should be set to Office Outlook Personal Folders File (PST) by default. We will select this over the 97-2002 format.
4. This will now open a new window in which you can name your file and specify a location to keep the file.
5.This window will close out. Add the name of the Personal Folder that you would like (this is how it will display in Outlook. This can be the same as the file name if you would like.) and if you'd like, you can also set a password on the file.
6. The file is now created.

Adding Messages to the New Data File

1. The folder is located on the left-hand side with your normal email account.
2. By default the folder is collapsed. We can click the '+' sign to open it.
3. Right click on the folder name and select New Folder.
4. You can now enter sub-folders/categories in which you'd like to organize your saved emails.
5. To add an email, simply open your normal email, click a desired email, and then drag it over into your newly created sub-folder/category. If you press and hold the Control key, you can select multiple messages at once.
6. Your email is now saved on the hard drive and you can now delete that message from your normal email.

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