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Notice.png Note
Users must have their exchange account configured to have access to Office Communicator. This access can be granted by submitting a request to the Help Desk

Office Communicator

For Faculty and Staff, a program is available called Office Communicator. This is an instant messenger tied to the Exchange Server on campus.

Connection Methods

There are two Methods of connecting to Office Communicator:

Client Install

The Office Communicator client can be pushed to a windows computer using SMS, a request to Micro can make this happen. In many cases, this is a default application pushed to SMS machine. This can be checked by going to "Run Advertised Programs" and selecting Office communicator.

Web Communicator Your browser will need to have pop-ups enabled for, you will be warned if you have one running.

Pidgin SIPE Plugin

The plugin for Pidgin may be acquired at the following location:
The following settings should be set when using this plugin:

  • Basic Tab:
    • Username:
    • Login: uanet\your_uanet_id
    • Password: your_password