Nolij VPN Installation

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Installing Cisco VPN client for Nolij Web Access

Before you begin, the software must be deployed to your machine via SMS.

Installing software from Run Advertised Programs

1. Click/Select Start
2. Click/Select Control Panel/Settings
3. Click/Select Run Advertised Programs

4. Click/Select Cisco VPN Client 5.0.4 - Nolij
5. Click/Select Run

6. Click/Select OK

  • After the installation, you will have an icon on your desktop
    • If you do not find this icon
      • Click/Select Start
      • Click/Select Programs
      • Click/Select Cisco Systems VPN Client
      • RIGHT CLICK VPN Client
      • Click/Select Send To
      • Click/Select Desktop (create shortcut)
      • You will now have an icon on the desktop

Running the Cisco Systems VPN Client

Please see Nolij Web via VPN for running the program.