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When a family member or military person is requesting a password reset by phone or by email, please follow these instructions:<p>

  1. Put comments concerning the password in the "Full Issue Description" such as password has expired, etc.
  2. Assign ticket to Military Service CTR
  3. When you get a response back that "This student is a service person and you can proceed with the service person protocol."
    • Reset Password,
    • Sign in to with the user's UAnet ID, change the password to the serviceman's MONTH of birth and LAST 4 DIGITS of social security number. (example: june2856)
  4. If the birthday is in May (which is the only short month), put the month twice (example: maymay2856) otherwise put the month once, october1209.
  5. Log into the Zipsupsa exchange accountSend an email to the alternate military email -NOT the university email but directly to the service person that their password has been changed to their month of birth and last 4 of soc and that they can log into and change their password to what they want it to be.
  6. Do not put ID in the email.
  7. NOTE: You may possibly have to create challenge questions for them. AUTH will not allow you to reset password if they have not created challenge questions. AUTH will not allow you to answer all the questions the same. Please let servicemen know the answers are to the challenge question in the email.
  8. Respond to Footprints ticket that password has been reset, email sent and close the ticket.

USE THIS EXAMPLE OF EMAIL TO BE SENT TO SERVICEMEN (ex. copy and paste it into an email. Add the user's name and change the challenge question answers if you did not use the ones that are listed below.

Student Service Personnel Name:

We have reset your password for you.

Please change this password by going to Log in using your Uanet ID and your month of birth (spelled out in full in lower case letters) followed immediately by the last 4 digits of your social security number as the password. If your birthday falls in the month of May please use for example: maymay1234. If your birthday falls in any other month as an example use october1234.

Click on Password Tab. Click change the password of this Uanet ID. In this same area you can Reset your challenge questions. In order to change your password for you I had to set your challenge questions first. Below are the challenge questions and answers that I created.

What is your favorite food: Chicken
What is your favorite sport: Soccer
What is your favorite color: Purple
What is your favorite vacation location: Hawaii
What is your favorite musical instrument: Flute
What is your favorite vegetable: Peas
What was my first car: Ford

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