Mail Rules in Outlook Express

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To setup a filter to delete all messages marked as SPAM in Outlook Express follow these directions:

  1. In Outlook Express select "Tools" from the toolbar at the top of the page
  2. Select "Message Rules" from the dropdown list then select "Mail..."
  3. The First option stating "1. Select Conditions for your Rule" select the checkbox that states "Where the Subject line contains specific words"
  4. The Second option stating "2. Select the Actions for your rule" select the checkbox that states "Delete it"
  5. In Option 3. Left click on the text that says "contains specific words" this will pop-up a menu. In this list add the word "SPAM" by left clicking the 'Add' Button.
  6. Select Ok 2 times. It should read: in option 3.

Apply this rule after the message arrives 
Where the Subject line contains 'SPAM'
Delete it
  • All Mail from now on containing the word SPAM will be deleted.