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Microsoft Lync

For Faculty and Staff, a program is available called Lync. This is an instant messenger collaboration tool tied to the Exchange Server on campus.

Client Install

Windows Client

The Lync client can be pushed to a windows computer using SCCM, this is a default application pushed to SMS machine. This can be checked by going to "Run Advertised Programs" in your Control Panel and selecting Lync.

Mac Client

Lync adds support for a Mac client. You can open a ticket with the Support Center at x6888 to have the client pushed to your Mac and to get assistance with setting it up once installed.

First Login

The first time you login you will get a pop-up window titled "Lync is attempting to connect to:" The next line should be "" you can check the box "Always trust this server, do not show me this again" and click the Connect button. If it shows anything else please stop and contact the Support Center at x6888.

Once you have logged in, you should wait five minutes before trying to add contacts. This will allow your client to automatically sync up with the Exchange global address book. You may try to add contacts sooner, but you may have trouble finding them.

Quick Reference Guide

You can find a quick reference guide for Lync at:

Profile Picture

A new feature of Lync is the ability to have a profile picture associated with you. We have created a tool to upload a jpeg file for your profile. You can find it at:

When you change you picture, it may take a while for it to change in Outlook and Lync. You can close Outlook and start it again to see the change more quickly. Lync can take days to show your updated picture. We have tried to reduce how long it takes for Lync to update, but are unable to make the update happen more quickly.

Please remember that this picture will be visible to all other Lync users and will also show up in Outlook for other University faculty and staff. We reserve the right to remove any potentially offensive pictures.

Currently Supported Features

  • Enhanced contact presence information (for example contacts become busy when they have a scheduled meeting in Outlook)
  • Person to person instant messaging
  • Group meetings
  • Voice communications in meetings
  • HD video communications in meetings
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Chat history
  • Profile pictures

Features in Development

  • Inviting external guest users in a Lync meeting through a web browser
  • Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android) support
  • Enhanced PowerPoint presentation sharing
  • Skype connectivity